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Lets franchise 

DINEHOME - the first food-tech company in the world

to use licensing as a form of organization.

DINEHOME - was founded in Norway and Drammen, and we are proud to export a Norwegian-born food technology  around the world



Want to work in a growing industry, Food tech and delivery!


DineHome is a Norwegian food tech company that has been and is in great development. DineHome has been in a test period in Drammen -Norway for about 1 year. In February 2021, we opened in Lillestrøm and we are now in January 2022 opening in Oslo city. The growth has been very good both from restaurants and users. Our goal is to become the best at delivering restaurant food in Europe. DineHome will deliver food from some of the best restaurants in the local area and to the customer. We normally deliver the food up to 9 km from the restaurant. We can do this and still satisfy the Norwegian Food Safety Authority's requirements for hot food delivery at 60 degrees. The reception of DineHome at the restaurants and with the customers has been fantastic since the start in 2020.


What is a franchise?

The franchise is a long-term collaboration where the owner of a concept (franchisor) gives the license for the franchisee to run their own business based on the franchisor's brand. The business is financed, owned, and operated by franchisees who then also take both the entire risk and the entire gain. To compensate for this, the franchisor takes a royalty called a franchise fee.


Franchisee in DineHome

Getting started as a franchisee in DineHome is easy. You get access to a proven and complete business concept consisting of i.a. products, operating systems, marketing, and purchasing arrangements as well as advice and guidance with regard to the organization of the business, training, management, and sales arrangements. No prior knowledge is required in principle, as full training will be given before the start. We assume that you use your local knowledge to sign good local restaurants in a location suitable for delivery. The market area for DineHome should basically consist of at least 20 restaurants, most of which should join. DineHome delivers within a radius of 9 km, but it expands without compromising the quality of the food.


What do we require?

You must have a strong will to stand up and participate actively in the daily operations. We expect you to be keen to learn our concept and strive to comply with the guidelines and requirements provided. You must be 100% loyal and understand that the concept should not be changed, but rather improved. There are requirements for equity of min. NOK 100,000 to establish your own limited company. However, we also expect you to be able to provide confirmation that you are able to finance the investment needs needed to establish yourself. This will usually be in the range from NOK 300,000 to NOK 1,200,000 depending on the location. The very first and perhaps most important investment, however, is a trip to our head office in Drammen for a closer presentation of the concept.

What can you expect?

At DineHome, we are concerned with creating the best possible operating basis so that all franchisees can have positive results in their own business. Based on the experiences we have made, we can with some certainty predict what opportunity you will have. The results, however, come through hard work and of course, not by themselves. The concept is such that you already the first year of operation you will make money, it is up to you, with little help from us, how much.


The way forward

If you are still interested, the next step is to contact us at DineHome. This is necessary so that we will hopefully gain some knowledge about you and your ambitions at the same time as you get a complete review of the DineHome concept. It is very important that the knowledge and understanding of the concept are as high as possible before you start the search for partners (restaurants) for your own company.



Take a look under to find where you want to start, if you can't see your country or town, call us or send us an E-mail and let's look into it. 


DineHome Norge AS 




Food-tech, Restaurant, B2B

DINEHOME is expanding,   
Are you our new Licensee?

Dinehome is a unique Norwegian food-tech company that opened in Norway in February 2020. At DineHome, the customer orders from the best restaurants in the city and gets delivered the food the way the restaurant wants the customer to experience it, with the flavors and freshness. We have developed our own heating bag that will deliverer the food according to the strictest requirements with heat and safety......

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