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World of flavors - Delivered to you


My Story

When DINEHOME's founder and CEO Paal Gulliksen sat home and wanted some food from his local restaurants, he discovered that the only food that could be delivered was fast food. He did some research in many cities in Norway and found out that many cities were full of great restaurants, but was amazed that so few of them delivered food. He also noticed that when families or friends gathering together there was the host who was running to and from the kitchen cooking and serving - all nice and well in that, but why not order take out from the best restaurants, and then sit down and enjoy themselves in the company of their friends.

DINEHOME has the goal of changing people's thinking about takeaway. Our goal is to deliver the restaurant food the way the restaurant wants you to experience it and taste it. 
Whether it's an evening on the couch, an evening with friends and/or family, a date, or overtime food -
We bring the world of flavors to you

Driven by technology 

DINEHOME was founded in Drammen, Norway and we are proud to export Norwegian technology around the world. DINEHOME’s algorithm is based on predictive technology that evaluates the most efficient way of distributing orders based on the location of restaurants, drivers, and customers.

The system learning helps to predict the time it will take to prepare a meal, and helps to streamline the delivery experience. DINEHOME has already cut delivery time by 25%, which means that drivers are able to complete more deliveries per hour and increase earnings, restaurants can increase sales, and - of course - customers get their food even faster.

DineHome skal etablere seg i Oslo, Kristiansand, Bergen og Trondheim!

Whom are we Seeking



We are searching for you with an entrepreneur and passion for food, logistics, and service to run DineHome Near you or your country. In the DineHome app, you will find the best restaurants in each city, from the best fast food kitchen to Asian, Indian, European, and American restaurants. DineHome got them all!


DineHome plans to open in several countries and cities and we are looking for you who want to run your own franchise concept built for the future.

As a franchise, you will operate DineHome in your city, county, or Country. DineHome will offer a solid and competitive alternative for the local restaurants to reach new customers. As a Licensee, you get full access to a full-fledged delivery system, our high-end developed products, and delivery cars of the future.


Great local commitment, good organized, and focus on good service is some of the characteristics of a really good Franchisee in DineHome.


DINEHOME - We bring the world of flavors to you!



This is what you get as a Franchisee in DineHome:

 - good and proven products that satisfy the strictest requirements in food

 - advantageous commission on online shopping and delivery in your geographical area

 - opportunity to help build your own store for the future

 - good operating systems in basic and thorough training

 - freedom to adapt and develop the system


You must have this to be considered:

 - Equity for operations and purchasing

 - License fee



The one we think fits in the role of Licensee in DineHome:

 - wants to create a future in the food-tech industry

 - love the industry and good knowledge in your geographical area

 - Conduct good sales and talk to restaurants as well as customers

 - want to serve the little extra - what you do not get from the others

 - has great work capacity and enjoys in a hectic workday

 - constantly looking for new and better ways to work

 - accept changes and challenges head on

 - is an enthusiastic leader who loves to create a good atmosphere for employees and customers




To become a Licensee in DineHome, you must be able to provide some start-up capital. We help you design business plans and budgets so you are well equipped to get started.


At DineHome, there are good earning opportunities for the right Franchisee

We are looking for both you who want to build into the future, and you who have the expertise and experience to run independently, run a previous franchise business, or have been in the food-tech industry.


If you have questions or are curious about what opportunities there are where you live, you are welcome to contact Paal Gulliksen (


Do you feel ready to become a Franchisee in DineHome?


Do you have what it takes?

Then we look forward to hearing from you!



DineHome will perform a background check of applicants to confirm information contained in the CV and available documentation. Background checks are carried out with the consent of the applicant, and relevant applicants will receive further information about this.

Paal Gulliksen

CEO & Founder

Cell:+47 466 40 400

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